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Bitterroot, Idaho is a small college town that exists only in the imagination of Jove Belle. Since she couldn't find the progressive mecca that she craved in her home state, Jove decided to build the town brick by imaginary brick. Because she likes science and believes all people are basically good, she decided to defy the reality of small town life in a overwhelmingly red state such as Idaho. In her version, a town with a population of ten thousand people is a safe, welcoming place for the requisite ten percent of the population that science says are queer. Therefore, even though Bitterroot is a small town in a typically small minded state, the town is nonetheless populated with out lesbians whose safety isn't perpetually in jeopardy. In other words, if it feels like there are too many lesbians for one small town, that's because Bitterroot is based on ideals. It's Jove's way of perpetuating the whole art-imitates-life-imitates-art cycle of existence. By reading and believing along with her that places like Bitterroot are possible and even an unstoppable coming reality, you are helping manifest such places in the world. 

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