Fianna the Gold by Louisa Kelley

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Abbie’s life hasn’t made much sense. She doesn’t understand why she’s a compulsive thief or why weird things keep happening to her. One night, mysterious men show up at her campsite seeking to capture her. She escapes, but there’s a blank in her memory and she has no idea how she got away or what the men may have wanted.


Fianna, a dragon with the House of Gold, and her two sisters, Orla and Guin, are on a mission to locate a human-dragon hybrid and deliver her to the dragon community. That hybrid is Abbie. However, their plans are complicated when they discover that Abbie is also being hunted by a human who wants to harness Abbie’s special powers for financial gain, as well as by a centuries-old dragon who wants to control the hybrid.


If Abbie wants to find out who she really is, she’ll need to make a choice about who to trust and what secrets to hold.

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