Guin the Emerald by Louisa Kelley


Guin is on a mission in the Oregon mountains when all connection with Dracan is cut. Miriam, the human who betrayed the Draca, is under house arrest, working off her debt to the dragons. 


To Guin’s dismay, she’s forced to partner with Miriam as they hunt for answers with only an ancient prophecy as a guide – definitely not the easiest thing, as Guin’s dragon is still furious with Miriam, though Guin, not so much. Her reluctant attraction to Miriam is causing an unprecedented break with her sister-self.


Miriam only wants to the dragons to forgive her and will do everything in her power to show she is worthy. Falling in love with Guin is an insane complication. Together, the two of them and the rest of Guin’s unlikely crew embark on a mission to find a missing young dragon, and a thousand-year-old dragon egg with the power to end the danger to Dracan.


Everything is at stake as dragonly chaos descends all around them and Guin roars to the challenge in order to save her world, and in the process, lose her heart to a most unlikely person.

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