Learning Curve

edited by R.G. Emanuelle and Blythe Rippon

Learning Curve.Final.KDP.low.jpg

Building a house, rebuilding a relationship, finding your purpose, learning archery, relearning the piano, discovering your family lineage, going on a journey, learning to face tragedy, teaching a kid to play ball, uncovering a truth in your heart, paying your dues on a ski slope. These are all themes that can be found in Learning Curve, and they are all lessons of one kind or another. The characters in these stories learn skills, life lessons, and how to open up to love and friendship.


This anthology includes contributions from Lori L. Lake, Sacchi Green, KD Williamson, Jessie Chandler, Stefani Deoul, Catherine Lane, Anna Burke, Michelle Teichman, Jove Belle, Andi Marquette, and R.G. Emanuelle.


Dirt Road Books is proud to donate all proceeds from this anthology to One Girl, an organization dedicated to educating and advancing the lives of girls around the world.

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