This year, we’re bringing you something special. After the success of our NaNoWriMo buddy writing campaign, we wanted to give you more chances to work with us. Then we thought, why not be extra awesome and give away a publishing contact to the author who submits our favorite novel-length manuscript? So, that’s we’re doing.​

#mybook challenge 


We’ve created several different novel covers that could end up being the cover for your book! The covers represent all different genres to help give you some inspiration. 


The winner of the #mybook challenge will be offered a professional publishing contract with Dirt Road Books.​

How it works

  • Share the #mybook challenge on social media with everyone you know (okay, share it with other readers and writers. Don’t forget to use #mybook to start conversations and get advice from other writers and the DRB staff during this challenge).

  • Pick a cover.

  • Write your book. For the #mybook challenge, we are only accepting novel-length manuscripts of 55,000-85,000 words.

  • Edit your book.

  • Send your book to friends, beta readers, the guy at the post office (you get the idea) for feedback.

  • Edit your book based on feedback, and use spellcheck.

  • Proofread your book.

  • Get a friend to proofread your book.

  • Submit your book to us by following our submissions guidelines below.

  • Include the cover from the #mybook challenge that you’d like to use for your book in your submissions email. 

  • Now give yourself a pat on the back and let us handle the rest.​


Submission deadline

The #mybook challenge runs from March 1 to August 31, 2018.

​All submissions must be received by September 1, 2018 (11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time).​

Submission guidelines

Once completed, send your manuscript to Be sure to follow our general guidelines for submissions and let us know which cover you’d like to see on your book. We’ll take it from there.​



The winner of the publishing contract will be notified privately. All submissions will be reviewed and will receive a private response from our acquisitions team. 

Once we’ve worked out the details, the winner will be announced in December 2018. 

Good luck!