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Space bandit and trader Torri Rendego and the crew of the Far Seek are trying to acquire a shipment of opals from the mining colony of Newburg, on Earth. But something’s amiss.


Hidden market forces appear to be spurring the hated Coalition to up security in the seething space port to break up smuggling rings, making it that much harder for Torri to complete the contract she’s taken – which isn’t entirely aboveboard and puts them all at risk.


As if that wasn’t bad enough, Torri’s former Academy bunkmate and captain in the Coalition forces, Kai Tinsdale, has been stationed in Newburg, as well, because of her expertise in hunting smugglers. Problem is, Kai is also Torri’s greatest weakness. Can the bonds of the past prevail, or will Kai’s commission and sense of military duty override any feelings she might have for Torri? Time is running out and if Torri doesn’t get the shipment soon, she endangers not only herself and her crew, but also Kai.

Friends in High Places by Andi Marquette


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