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The Potion by R.G. Emanuelle



April 24, 2018, Vancouver WA – Dirt Road Books has officially released R.G. Emanuelle’s newest novel.  


The Potion transports the reader through time to nineteenth-century Boston. There, we meet a rich widow who will stop at nothing to finish the secret work that her departed husband started. But not all is as it seems with Vera Kennedy’s formula, and it will take the arrival of Georgette Harris at her door—a strange and destitute woman who pleads with Vera to give her the recipe to the secret potion—to make Vera question what it is she truly wants most in the world.


“Sexy, suspenseful, R.G. Emanuelle’s The Potion is a sizzling adventure through the darker side of science...and the power and passion of two women whose love is tested by dangerous experiments and secrets,” said Ann Aptaker, Lambda Literary and Goldie winning author of the Cantor Gold crime and mystery series. “The Potion is an addictive read.”


Enter a world of mystery and deception, intrigue and ingenuity, in this gothic romance. Move across the cobblestone streets of the past as R.G. Emanuelle takes you on a carriage ride through the opulence and abject poverty of Victorian-era Boston. Reminiscent of other classic novels, The Potion unflinchingly exposes the capriciousness of kindness and abundance of cruelty in a time often forgotten, but not so long ago. This is the story of two women, about how far they are willing to go to secure their safety, livelihood, and about sanity as the secrets of the past unravel to haunt them both.


“R.G. Emanuelle has a rare talent for creating intriguing and relatable characters, whether in contemporary or historical settings,” said Sacchi Green, editor of Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year. “In The Potion, her lesbian protagonists suit the Victorian-era ambience and Boston background nicely, while the mad-science plot casts a satisfyingly eerie light over the entire novel.”


The Potion is a beautifully written, captivating, and provocative piece of historical fiction that excites the mind and ensnares the senses.

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