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Bitterroot Queen by Jove Belle

July 4, 2017, Vancouver WA – Dirt Road Books has officially released Jove Belle’s newest novel.  


Bitterroot Queen takes the reader on a journey to the fictional town of Bitterroot, Idaho, where two families search to find themselves and to find home.


“Jove Belle has an evocative way of drawing you into her worlds. Her characters are unique and intriguing,” said Lee Winter, author of Requiem for Immortals. “Her writing is never anything less than superb.”


This book is not a romance. It's so much more. It's about real, deep-seeded issues that cannot simply be overcome with a kiss. It's about starting over, striving for better, and accepting that difficult challenges are an unfortunate part of life, no matter how much planning, hoping, or praying someone does. It's about knowing when to move on, when to stay, and how to recognize when you’ve finally found home. This is not just the story of two women; it's the story of two families drawn together, and the pasts and secrets that haunt us all.


Bitterroot Queen is a gorgeous read. Jove's writing style flows seamlessly, and the world she's built here is so real you think you can reach out and touch it,” said Blythe Rippon, award-winning author and Co-owner of Dirt Road Books. “Her characters feel like old friends, and spending time with them gives you a sense of belonging.”


Bitterroot Queen is a beautiful piece of fiction. The characters will stay with you long after you've turned the last page, and just maybe, you’ll feel a longing for a Bitterroot of your own.


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