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Little Dip - Garoul Series Book V by Gill McKnight


December 5, 2017, Vancouver WA – Dirt Road Books has officially released Gill McKnight’s newest novel.  


Little Dip takes the reader on a journey to the fictional town of Little Dip, Oregon, where two women search to find themselves, and one would do anything to protect her secret and her home.


“Fans of Gill McKnight’s Garoul series will love Little Dip,” said VK Powell, author and member of the Romance Writers of America and the Golden Crown Literary Society. “Reading this story is like revisiting old friends and meeting new ones in a compelling story with some unexpected twists.”


This book is the prequel to the highly acclaimed Garoul series. It's about the insatiable thirst one woman has for the truth, even when it could hurt her the most. It’s about protecting one’s own at all costs. More than anything, it’s about knowing when to push, and when to push back. This supernatural werewolf romance has elements of humour, romance, and what it means to belong, even if it’s in the place or with the person you least expect.


“In Little Dip, the prequel to the much loved Garoul series, Gill Mcknight draws us into the world of werewolves, clan dynamics, and human-lycanthrope relationships. Set in a lush valley in Oregon, this compelling story shows us how love can come from the most unusual circumstances,” said R.G. Emanuelle, author, award-winning editor, and Co-owner of Dirt Road Books. “We are proud to offer Little Dip as our latest release.”


Little Dip does more than cap off the Garoul Series. In fact, the prequel stands as the door to a new part in the series, which will be followed by South Paw in 2018. You can read an excerpt from South Paw by signing up to Dirt Road Books’ newsletter.


“In Little Dip, Gill McKnight’s latest, she’s done it again,” said Brey Willows, author of the Afterlife, Inc series. “Her quick wit, intense characters, and deftly woven plot lines make this prequel to the Garoul series one you can’t put down. As with all of this author’s books, it’s one you shouldn’t miss.”


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