South Paw by Gill McKnight 

south paw.1.low.jpg

Elizabeth Wren is struggling.

An introvert and a germaphobe, she works for the Martha Meeke, the flamboyant literary agent. A contract has gone astray, and Elizabeth is dispatched to South Paw, a skiing resort famous for its beautiful Christmas shops, to track down the elusive bestselling author, Priscilla Purloin. Luckily, Elizabeth also suffers from O.C.D. — obsessive Christmas disorder so maybe South Paw will suit her after all.

Snow season is bad news for moody Naeva Garoul.

Her tranquil mountain home becomes a Mecca for ski sport enthusiasts, and wintertime means family visits. And when your family are werewolves visits can be chaos. They want to hunt deer, run in the woods, and howl at the moon, while all Naeva wants to do is sit by the fire and write. It’s hard being a vegan werewolf and bestselling romance novelist who wants to be alone.