Dirt Road Books welcomes Penny Taylor


July 4, 2018, Vancouver WA – Dirt Road Books has officially signed debut author Penny Taylor.


Penny Taylor has signed Penny on Parade with Dirt Road Books. It is a novel about a young woman who enlists in the British Women’s Royal Army Corps. in 1971.


“Penny Taylor gives readers a rare glimpse into the Women’s Royal Army Corps., and what it was like to be serving for the military and hiding a secret as huge as one’s sexuality at a time when being gay in the army could destroy someone’s life,” said Michelle Teichman, director of marketing at Dirt Road Books. “In this business, we focus on fiction. But Taylor brings us something different. Lovers of books based on true events and sensual fiction will both thrill at this promising novel from debut author Penny Taylor.”


DRB founder and author Gill McKnight helped co-author this tell-all adventure about what it was like for a lesbian serving under Her Majesty’s army.


“Penny on Parade encapsulates life in the 1970s British Army and reveals the tensions—emotional and erotic—that take place in the highly charged environment of an all women training camp,” said Gill McKnight, Dirt Road Books owner and co-author of Penny on Parade. “And what makes it so incredible is that Penny on Parade is based on a true story.”


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