Wendy of the Wallops by Gill McKnight


There are worrying times ahead for Wallops valley community police officer Wendy Goodall. As part of a witness protection task force, she volunteers for the Girl Guides to ensure the safety of Lexi, a young girl in the local village, while sexy Detective Inspector Diya Patel makes her new job a lot easier. Or so she thought.

Where exactly is the father of the young girl she’s keeping an eye on? And where are his former associates, part of a violent gang of human traffickers? Join Wendy as she deals with life as a newly out lesbian and a volunteer for the Girl Guides, led by the quirky and maddening Kiera Minsk, who Wendy is drawn to—but can she trust her? Several things aren’t adding up, and with pressure building to keep Lexi safe, she’s not sure where she can turn.