Who We Are

Dirt Road Books Inc. is not another publishing house; it’s something else entirely.


You’ve seen our work.


For years, we’ve been behind the scenes. Now, we’re branching out on our own.


We are a collective of:

  • Authors

  • Editors

  • Marketers

  • Cover artists

  • Designers

  • Project managers

  • Really awesome people


We have home offices in the United States, Europe, and Canada, where we work together across the globe to collaborate, create, and deliver some of the best books you’ll ever read. We also have rad accents.


We’re going back to basics. Back to what writing should be about: the story.


We work hard, play fair, and respect and encourage all authors, no matter what road they’re on.

Get to know us

We’re also open-minded, wicked funny, and want to get to know you. If you feel the same about us, check “yes” on our imaginary school note and then join our conversations on Facebook and Twitter, or contact us.

Our books

We are primarily focused on F/F fiction across many genres.


Our authors

Our authors are diverse, and we want them to stay that way. We are proud of our differences, and don’t want to meld into one way of writing. 

We don’t want you to feel like you’re reading the same story over and over again. We want to blow your mind. Or, at least, give you a happy. 

We write in a wide range of genres and styles, so we’ll always have books that are just right for you and your mood.


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